Art & Archaeology of India — Stone Age to the Present


Art & Archaeology of India — Stone Age to the Present

Author : B.S. Harishankar
ISBN: 9788124602539

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The book begins with an introduction on the prehistoric and proto-historic cultures of India. Well-known historians discuss human evolution as gathered from hominid fossil remains, pre-human hominid remains of the Siwaliks and fossil remains of the Narmada basin. The systematic study, mentioning the areas of finds and their geography and other characteristics, examines the nature of cultural relics belonging to each period and dynastic rule; agriculture, trade, settlement and migration patterns related to making, use and spread of art materials; how the finds reflect upon rise of craft and industrial centers at the time; and social and religious aspects of society that are revealed by the art and architecture of the periods. Importantly, it reveals the interchange of cultural thoughts and lifestyles and of art and architectural influences; and the synthesis of artistic style and materials as evident in especially the periods of Muslim rule in India. The book also features fossil finds, art and architectural materials pertaining to painting, pottery, sculpture and iconography, and literary materials like Persian documents housed in the Indraprastha Museum of Art and Archaeology, New Delhi. The materials date from the stone ages, Indus-Saraswati Civilization and Chalcolithic period to what are commonly identified as the ancient medieval and modern periods of Indian history. The volume will be useful to scholars and students of various disciplines — history, archeology, art and culture, and sociology.

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