Better Thinking for Better Results


Better Thinking for Better Results

Author : Cathy Lasher
ISBN: 978-81-8495-978-9

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Do you think as well as you can?
Does the quality of your thinking even matter?

Discover Edge-it, a new approach that sharpens your thinking in virtually any situation, ensuring that you get more of what you want easily. Benefit from your personal and professional experiences in a new way. Learn how to prevent that ‘why did I just do that again?!’ feeling.

Achieve your goals with greater ease and more control. Navigate the turbulent waters of the 21st-century workplace with robust, research-based tools. In this practical guide, Cathy Lasher presents an exciting new way to get better results through focused thinking.

Cathy Lasher is a university lecturer in reflective practice. She is also an executive and business coach, and a leadership development specialist, working with blue chip corporate clients and professional services firms. A businesswoman with 20+ years of experience, she helps enterprises improve their performance through enhancing the leadership abilities of individuals. She combines academic skills in reflective thinking with formal qualifications as a CA, an MBA and a relational psychotherapist. This unique combination makes her an outstanding coach, facilitator and developer of talent.

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