Simple Is the New Smart


Simple Is the New Smart

Author : Rob Fazio, PhD
ISBN: 978-81-8495-844-7

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26 Success Strategies to Build Confidence, Inspire Yourself & Reach Your Ultimate Potential

We often become consumed with what doesn’t really matter and spend far too much time on what doesn’t even count. In Simple Is the New Smart, Dr. Rob Fazio shows you how to block out the static so you can turn up the volume on the right information and accelerate your journey to success.

Written in an engaging, conversational style, this book offers success strategies that can be used without much ado. The focus is on helping you help yourself with easy-to-read and easy-to-apply techniques that will give you the edge in business and in life. You will:
• Learn what is holding you back and how to propel yourself forward
• Discover the art of reading before leading so you can be intentional with your time
• Master the secrets of psychological swagger that allow you to grow without pain

Rob Fazio is an executive advisor, sport psychologist, crisis consultant and non-profit leader. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies around the globe and helps individuals from different walks of life to be more successful. His clients find his straightforward approach, balanced with wisdom and wit, both useful and refreshing.

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