Spiritual World 101


Spiritual World 101

Author : Ryuho Okawa
ISBN: 978-93-86348-65-4

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A guide to a spiritually happy life

“People are born into this world in order to learn something and after they have done this, they take it back with them to the Real World, to the true world they originally came from.”
• What happens to us when we die?
• What is it like in Heaven and Hell?
• What can we do to go back to Heaven?
• If God exists, why is there evil?
• Can we extend our lifespan on earth?

All your questions about the spiritual world will be answered in one book! With illustrations and diagrams explaining you about your guardian spirit, you will understand the true meaning of happiness and life.

A spiritual leader, contemporary visionary and founder of Happy Science, Ryuho Okawa has devoted his life to the Truth and ways to happiness.
Born in 1956 in Japan, Okawa studied law in Tokyo and then international finance in New York. In 1986, he renounced his business career at a major Japanese trading house and established Happy Science.
In 1987, he established the IRH Press Co. Ltd. Since then, Okawa has published over 2,200 books including best selling titles such as The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws and The Laws of Eternity.

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