Super Power Memory


Super Power Memory

Author : Harry Lorayne
ISBN: 978-81-8495-868-3

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The World’s Leading Expert on Memory Training

Train your memory so that You will remember and never forget:
• Names • Faces • Numbers • Events • Facts • Ideas

Unlock Your Mental Powers for Everyday Living and Long-term Success.

Do you have to constantly refer to mobile reminders, post-it notes and to-do lists?

Author Harry Lorayne believes that with some tricks and easy-to-follow steps, you can master the art of memory building.

Lorayne shares a unique system of powerful memory enhancers such as the Link and Peg techniques as well as Phonetics which are very effective for everyday living. From names of random contacts to phone numbers and dates, you can use these memory builders to recall and remember in no time!

The book is filled with personal anecdotes and fun-filled quick exercises that will help you test your memory and observation skills and become more efficient and organized.

Train your memory and unleash the genius with Super Power Memory.

Harry Lorayne is the world’s foremost authority on memory and the author of a dozen books on the subject.

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