You Are Smarter than You Think


You Are Smarter than You Think

Author : Thomas Armstrong
ISBN: 978-81-8495-777-8

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A Guide to Your Multiple Intelligences

Being smart is more than getting good grades in school. It’s more than reading well, solving math problems, memorizing facts, and having a high IQ.

Psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner studied how kids and adults learn. He discovered many different ways people can be smart. You can be Music Smart. People Smart. Self Smart. Nature Smart. Life Smart. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences has changed how teachers teach in schools around the world. Look inside to:

• Learn about the nine different intelligences and what they mean
• Find out which ones you have (Hint: You already have all nine, just in different degrees)
• Make the most of your strongest intelligences
• Strengthen your other intelligences
• Use all nine intelligences at school, at home, and everywhere you go
• Discover more about who you are and who you can be
• Understand and get along better with the people around you
• Look to the future and how you’ll use your smarts when you get older

Quick quizzes help you identify the many ways you’re smart. Did You Know? boxes entertain you with fascinating facts. Easy-to-use lists give you lots of fun ways to build your smarts. Resources point you toward books, magazines, and websites where you can learn even more. Because it’s not about how smart you are, but how you are smart.

Thomas Armstrong, PhD, is an award-winning author and speaker with 40 years of teaching experience and over 1 million copies of his books in print. He has authored 15 books, including Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom; written numerous articles for Parenting, Ladies’ Home Journal, Family Circle, and other periodicals; and appeared on several national and international television and radio programs, from NBC’s Today show to the BBC.

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